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  • "After much searching, shop visits, reading lots of online reviews, I came across this Mattress with Memory foam. The reviews and product specs were impressive and I couldn't resist the 100 nights free trial . I am very glad I gave this mattress a try as it turns out to be exactly what I was looking for."
    - Jinming Yu
  • "When it arrived in a box I was worried I had been shipped the wrong product but after removing the packaing and the vaccum sealed bag this large mattress just appeared in front of us. Gave it an hour or so to expand fully then tested and found it to be very comfortable and no smell from the foam at all. Really nice matress my son loves it."
    - Andy Matthew
  • "More than enough room for all my essential bits and pieces, including my workaday tablet on charge, and the top is now so clear that there is even room for a pot plant. A bit of a trial to assemble - not complicated, just a bit lengthy, and three hands (or four) would be useful. Putting the top on right at the end of assembly can be a bit tricky if you haven't encountered the kind of bolt things used to attach it before, but don't lose patience, just wiggle things about a bit. Highly recommended. Just the job at a very good price."
    - Murray Bro
  • "My mother is bed bound, and her meals kept sliding of her lap. This tray is great, she can eat her meals with no worry."
    - Yvonne Griffiths

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We focuse on household products more than ten years.

We have professional household brands with r&d, production and sale.

We adhere to the principle of customer first, learn from foreign advanced technology.

We emphasize the design of the product is excellent, practical, durable. Aim to give customers a satisfying experience.

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