Aiiliving Pocket Sprung Mattress and Memory Foam Mattress Pressure Relief with 9-Zone Support System, Orthopaedic Mattress, 10.6-Inch, 4FT Small Double - 100 Nights Trial

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Material Latex Foam, Memory Foam

mattressHealth & Hypoallergenic

Knitted fabrics have good gas permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeability, and have natural antibacterial, antibacterial, antimony, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet."

mattressPressure Relief

Independently encased coil system provides optimal support and eliminates motion transfer to make sure you have a good night of sleep.Memory foam to conform to your body so your bones and joints sink into softness. You wake up with magically less aches and pains."

mattressSoft & Comfort

With an innovative Support System constructed by individual spring coil pockets. Compressed and sealed in a fabric pocket to reduce noise of spring coil collision.The memory foam on top of the mattress provide extra comfort feeling."


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