Lv. life Wooden Dog Cat Bowls Holder Set with 3 Different Adjustable Height Level, Elevated Pet Feeding Station Stand with Porcelain Food bowl/Dish and Water Bottle

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  • Height Adjustable: 3 different height level from 8.5cm to 16.5cm is easily adjusted to suit the size and age of your pet. Dog bowls on stands which frame is above the ground, preventing your pet's neck and back spine problems and help your pet digestion better.
  • Safe and Clean: Food grade ceramic bowl and dish, safe to use, smooth surface and easy to clean. The bowl is set in the wooden stand to effectively prevent Prevents the bowl sliding across the floor or food from spilling and keep the floor clean and tidy.
  • Easy to Installation: The assembly instruction is clear and Understandable. You can assemble the stand in just a few simple steps according to the instructions.
  • Overall dimensions - 15.35¡Á10.23¡Á17.71''(L¡ÁW¡ÁH) - Large Capacity Bowl dimensions - Diameter: 14cm / height: 3.5cm - Dish dimensions - Diameter: 13cm / height: 3cm.
  • The Bowel and Bottle: For your convenience, you will get a porcelain bowl, a porcelain basin and a 500ml pet water bottle when you purchase the product.
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