Vacuum Sealer Machine Upgraded

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About the product

  • ? 8x Longer Food Preservation: This vacuum sealer machine can keep food fresh up to 8x longer, prevents freezer burn, reduces spillage and food waste. It also can sous vide cooking, seal precious information, or just for simply saving spaces for proper storage.
  • ? Innovative Technology: Bag cutter function for repeatedly using bags, more economical, more environmentally friendly, dual slot design for a tightly seal. Two modes for vacuum sealing and seal only meeting your several choices.
  • ? Sample Operation: Only 5-8 seconds for vacuuming and sealing in one touch can keeps food for 10-15 days. Close the lid, press dual side slot, press "vac seal" button and wait for the light to go from green to red to green for vacuum and seal. Above processes finished is OK.
  • ? Compact Size for Easier Storage: Small size (372*94*69mm) makes storing easy in an already full kitchen. This vacuum sealer doesn't take up a huge amount of counter space. Portable size is perfect for home and outdoors using.
  • ? Full Accessories & 1-YEAR Warranty for You: 15 BPA Free fresh-keeping bags (size:200*300mm) and user manual are provided to you. If any quality problem, 1-YEAR warranty is our biggest guarantee for you.
  • Product description

    Are you bothered with saving improperly for buying in bulk? Are you tired of throwing away bad food for sealing incorrectly?
    Don't worry about. Ymiko vacuum sealer machine can help you out.
    ? First: Automatic vacuum sealer system can keep food 5x longer fresh for 10-15 days.
    ? Next: Automatic one-button operation can save your time.
    ? Then: Bag cutter function for repeatedly using bags can save your money.
    ? And then: Seal only design: pressing "seal only" button, waiting for the light to go from red to green, specifically for breads, cakes, snacks, etc.
    ? Last: Low-noise, energy saving, easy storage is your best choice.

    1.Rated Power: 100w
    2.Product Size: 372*94*69mm
    3.Input Voltage: 100V-240V
    4.Net Weigh: 1.05kg
    5.Vacuum Parameters: -60kpa

    ? 1.Open appliance lid and place open end of bag into vacuum chamber. It is must be into vacuum chamber otherwise it can't be vacuumed.
    ? 2.Press the left and right sides of lid to lock it. The lip must be fully inserted into dual side slots, which can be sealed tightly.
    ? 3.Press "vac seal" button, waiting for the light to go from green to red to green for vacuum and seal. Or press "seal only" button, waiting for the light to go from red to green for seal only
    ? 4.After finish, you should be careful about the sealing element, maybe it is still hot.

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